Bad Elf Flex Standard

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  • Purchase Includes:Description: (1) Bad Elf Flex Standard receiver, (1) Foam-padded hard carrying case (1) Mini-USB cable, (1) 12-24V DC Car USB charger, (1) Wall adapter, (1) 5/8" x 11 to 1/4" x 20 adapter, (1) User manual (1) 1-year Warranty

The Bad Elf Flex Standard

Bad Elf customers can achieve a submeter or RTK centimeter-level solution depending on the Bad Elf Flex version they choose.

The submeter Bad Elf Flex starts at $2,999.99 and delivers submeter accuracy all day.

But, if the user needs higher accuracy and is working in an area free of trees or buildings, or other tall objects, the user can take advantage of Bad Elf Flex Tokens for $25/day to access the Atlas satellite L-Band correction service. This means that Bad Elf Flex users can achieve sub-10cm horizontal accuracy after an initial start-up time¹ as long as their work area is open like agricultural fields, some construction sites, and prairie-type habitats. 

The Bad Elf Flex delivers a solid positional solution for field mappers of varying skill levels. The Flex is a range pole mounted solution or the user can handheld the device.

Bad Elf Flex Standard

  • Multi-constellation support (Beidou, Galileo, GPS, Glonass)
  • SBAS capable (submeter accuracy)
  • RTK and L-Band satellite corrections via Bad Elf Flex Tokens (daily token - See details under Feature 7)
  • Works with Apple, Android, and Windows phones and tablets

¹ Accuracy is related to an initial start time. Typical start time to achieve sub-10cm accuracy is around 25+ minutes.

² Accuracy is dependent on satellite visibility, environmental conditions, access to RTK correction services, and distance from the RTK correction service location (baseline distance).

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